Company Name: Great Basin Institute


Title: Field Technician

Location: Winnemucca, NV

Description: The Great Basin Institute is working cooperatively with the Bureau of Land Management Winnemucca District Office to inventory naturally occurring springs in the district to support water right adjudications, grazing permit renewals, sage grouse management, and other management concerns. One Field Technician will be hired to support field efforts such as conducting meadow, spring, and water quality inventories, including collection of qualitative and quantitative data on riparian habitat characteristics. Technician will also map riparian areas using Trimble units and ArcGIS technology. The Technician will utilize a wide variety of field equipment, including but not limited to v-notch weir, digital camera, portable water quality meter, laser rangefinder, and standardized field forms. Office tasks include planning field work locations using ArcGIS software, transferring and processing data from GPS using ArcMap, writing summary reports, and assisting the District Hydrologist with other duties. Project-related duties comprise approximately 20% office tasks and 80% field activities. Extensive travel across the district and field camping for up to four nights per week is required.

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Company Name:Truckee River Watershed Council

Title:Conservation Assistant

Location:Truckee, CA

Description:The mission of Truckee River Watershed Council is to bring the community Together for the Truckee. We protect, enhance and restore the Truckee River watershed. River-Friendly Landscaping helps homeowners improve water quality and protect the surrounding environment by voluntarily implementing soil erosion control measures and water conservation
practices in their yards. The program focuses on older and established neighborhoods in the Truckee River watershed in the Town of Truckee, portions of Placer County and portions of Nevada County.

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Company Name: NV Energy

Title: Student Intern – GIS & Mapping
Location: Reno, NV

The NV Energy Internship program is designed to ensure that it will challenge interns with meaningful work, expose them to a career in the energy industry, and help them transition from academics to the workforce. Successful completion of a Company internship can put a candidate on the fast track to a full-time career with NV Energy, a division of Berkshire Hathaway Energy Company, on graduation.

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Company Name: North State Resources, INC.

Title: Scientific Field Technician
Location: Belle Fourche, South Dakota; Miles City, Montana

Description: This is a Field Technician position to conduct road survey inventories in remote locations. Field work will involve driving a 4WD vehicle, an ATV, or walking on BLM managed roads. Survey roads may be located off main state routes, and may require navigating through accessible private land or traversing through a transportation network to remote locations. The Technician must be comfortable working alone in a remote setting. Safety is a crucial aspect of this position; the individual must demonstrate the ability to be safe and make smart decision while in the field. An additional field crew member will be in the inventory area vicinity, but inventory work will be conducted independently. Camping at designated campsites or on BLM land may be required during the work week. All camping equipment must be provided by the individual.

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Company Name: USDA/ARS

Title: Lab and Field Assistant (Student Worker III)
Location: Reno, NV

Position available in Dr. Keirith Snyder’s Ecophysiolgy lab. Enthusiastic, self-motivated student assistant sought for field and lab work. Duties include assisting in field monitoring and data collection in Porter Canyon Watershed, an instrumented watershed in central Nevada. Lab work consisting of: data entry and analysis, interpretation of data, database management, report compilation, technical programming. This includes: collecting data on plant composition, soil moisture monitoring, measurement of sap-flow in pinyon and juniper trees, assisting with the isotopic extraction of plant and soil material; data entry, data management and record keeping. Gain valuable lab and field experience in ecology, ecophysiology and ecohydrology. Interest in multiparameter dataloggers, large dataset data entry and manipulation, Electronic systems and design.

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Company Name: Plumas Audubon Society

Title: Internship
Location: Plumas and Lassen Counties

Description: The Plumas Audubon Society is accepting applications for wildlife conservation internships available May-September 2016. Interns have the opportunity to help with Plumas Audubon’s diverse wildlife monitoring, forest health, conservation and education programs. Two interns are needed to monitor Clark’s and Western Grebes on four lakes in Plumas and Lassen Counties and to set-up and maintain bat monitoring stations from June 6 through August 21 (1 position) and September 30 (1 position). Three interns are needed for the Lake Davis Flammulated Owl study, which involves night-time owl surveys, daytime nest searching, capturing and banding owls, and habitat data collection from May 23 through July 29. Interns will be assigned primarily to the grebe/bat or the owl project, but will have the opportunity to assist with other projects including forest health work in Genesee Valley, Northern Goshawk and Spotted Owl surveys, vegetation data collection, and environmental education and outreach activities. Field work includes long hours during the night and/or day kayaking, hiking long distances, navigating with GPS, compass and maps, and observing wildlife in a variety of weather conditions including cold nights and hot days in variable terrain and environments. Interns need to be physically able to handle these conditions and need to have a positive attitude and willingness to learn diverse field techniques. Interns will camp in teams in designated areas. Applicants need to have camping and hiking gear, transportation to get to Quincy and camping locations, and health insurance. Transportation will be provided for field work. Compensation includes a $750/month volunteer stipend. Applicants need to be high school or college students (recent graduates will also be considered). Preference will be given to college students whom have completed two years in a biology/natural resource program and are interested and motivated to become wildlife biologists or natural resource professionals.

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Careers with the FBI

January 13, 2016 | | Leave a Comment

The FBI is hiring for Special Agents! Please see the attached flyer; students of all majors and backgrounds are eligible. We’ve recently been informed that the FBI will no longer post their job vacancies at Anyone interested in careers with the FBI should register for an account at, even if they previously had an account. Qualified applicants should upload their resumes to a Talent Network through to express their interest. This is a two-step process – submission of interest and then being invited by FBIHQ via an email link to apply for a position.
Talent Networks include:
Special Agent Talent Network Job ID 1002
Intelligence Analyst Talent Network Job ID 1003
Information Technology Talent Network Job ID 1006
FBI Police Talent Network Job ID 1007
Language Talent Network Job ID 1005
Business Operations Talent Network Job ID 1017
Management & Program Support Talent Network Job ID 1019
Legal Talent Network Job ID 1020
Facilities & Logistics Management Talent Network Job ID 1021
Security Talent Network Job ID 1022
Intern Talent Network Job ID 1023
Science & Engineering Talent Network Job ID 1016
Investigative & Surveillance Support (MST) Job ID 1025
Finance & Accounting Talent Network Job ID 1001
It is also possible to apply to specific job vacancies as they post at

Company Name: The Great Basin Institute

Title: Land Health Assessment Field Technicians
Location: Nevada

The Great Basin Institute, in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management, are recruiting twelve field technicians for a land health assessment teams. These teams will consist of three members, including the district LHA crew leader and two technicians with diverse areas of training and experience able to work cooperatively in a field-based setting. The overall objective of each team is to perform land health assessments through inventory and monitoring of geomorphic, vegetative and hydrologic characteristics of the landscape. Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring (AIM) methods are implemented to collect quantitative landscape data, while Interpreting Indicators of Rangeland Health (IIRH) methods are implemented to collect qualitative landscape data. Analysis of soil pits dug on site will be used to confirm Ecological Site Descriptions (ESDs) to aid in accurate assessments. All data collected are entered into an electronic database, and will be utilized for adaptive management decisions, restoration projects, and/or to improve wildlife habitat to achieve a healthy and productive ecological condition.

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Company Name: FireWhat Inc.

Title: Fire Incident Mapping GIS Specialist
Location: Dunsmuir, CA

This is a call when needed position with no guarantee of assignment.

Hired applicants will work in the field in a mobile GIS trailer typically at the fire incident command (IC) center. The IC could be at a fairground, campground, or in a grassy field. GISS will work with the Incident Command GIS team using ArcGIS software to create and maintain wildland fire data and/or maps that can be combined with geographically referenced fire data.Staff are typically boarded in tents or trailers and meals are provided on-site, the ultimate field experience.

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Company Name: Bureau of Land Management

Title: Geologist
Location: Caliente, NV

As a Geologist perform work that involves knowledge and application of the principles of geology. Responsible for planning, initiating, directing, and executing the minerals program activities. Work involves compliance activities over mining industry, sales, permits and leases to assure the orderly development and conservation on minerals materials, locatable and leasable minerals on public lands; assure maximum economic recovery of mineral deposits through review of industry operating plans for exploration, development, and extraction of minerals and compliance with the environmental reclamation requirements of Department of Interior’s regulations and Bureau of Land Management policy.

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