Maintenance Intern at Lhoist

Company Name: Lhoist

Title: Maintenance Intern at Lhoist
Location: Calera, Alabama


• Complete project(s) outlined in the Project Plan developed by management.
• Be flexible; able to support team in handling “short/no notice” demands.
• Proactively seek work and opportunities to learn.
• Professionally communicate with various levels in the organization.
­ Openly communicate with your manager and/or mentor regarding project status, roadblocks encountered, and goals met.
• Work in an efficient and effective manner, helping to continuously improve processes at your work location.
• Assimilate to LNA culture by:
­ Displaying our corporate values of Respect, Integrity, and Courage.
­ Working safely (possibly around heavy equipment).
­ Being a valued team member.
• Formally present project overview to Senior Leaders at Intern Closing Session and to local management at the close of the program.
• Be curious and eager/open to learning new skills.
• Participate in all Intern Program related activities (i.e. orientation, mid-term session, closing session, completion of forms, etc.)

Minimum Qualifications:

Comfort around management
Written & verbal communication skills
Presentation skills
Basic safety training
Prioritization skills
Critical thinking skills
Time management skills
Project management skillsPlant level engineering projects – operational/capital projects
Head office projects – site support, process/policy development
Resources available: Intern manager; departmental and shared services resources; plant and corporate IT systems.

Preferred Qualifications:

• Strong analytical skills.
• Curious & open to feedback.
• Positive and proactive attitude.
• Able to interact with different levels of seniority.
• Effective communication; both orally and in writing.
• High learning agility.
• Languages: English is mandatory. Bilingual a plus.
• Willingness to travel, if necessary.

Desired Majors: Mining Engineering

Position Type: Paid Internship
Hours per week: 40+ hours/week

Salary & Benefits: Competitive


Application Process:—Alabama—Calera/Maintenance-Intern_R-000464-1


Application Deadline: 11/29/2016