Project Assistant, Lovelock Mines

Company Name: EP Minerals

Title: Project Assistant, Lovelock Mines 
Location: Lovelock Nevada, Colado Mines

Project Scope:

–      Reduce moisture by at least two percent for ore going to stockpile for 2017 ore season compared to 2016 ore season.

–      Test drying methods utilizing natural drying (solar and wind).

–      Reduce oversize for better drying.

–      Conduct research starting with ore season start (approximately May 1, 2017).

–      Utilize Lovelock Mines for research.

–      Apply best ideas to 2017 stockpiles from the start of ore season.

–      Refine stockpile construction methods during 2017 based on learnings.

–      Recognize that lowest production cost of finished products is the goal, not lowest mining costs.

Project work:  Will include planning, design of sampling procedures, ore sampling for moistures, running moisture tests, operating farm tractor with plow or disk attachments, analyzing moisture results, developing mathematical prediction equations for rate of drying versus climatic conditions, managing project.  Other duties will include lab testing samples to determine moisture content, analyzing data, developing mathematical predictive drying curves, testing of stockpile sealers, and more.

Job could also include mine truck driver, equipment operator.

Minimum Qualifications: 

Studying for BS/MS degree in Mining Engineering, Geology, Hydrogeology, Geological Engineering, or Mineral Processing.  Prefer someone who is completing their Sophomore or Junior year or working on MS. Must have good computer skills, knowledge of sampling, quality focused, attention to detail.  Experience with Microsoft Excel, Word and computers required.  Valid driver license required.

Preferred qualifications: 

Prior Mining or construction experience is a plus.  Prior mine equipment operating experience a plus.  Knowledge of drying, moisture reduction, a plus.  Previous Miners training a plus.

Position type:  hourly intern.

Desired Majors: Mining Engineering, Geology, Geophysics, Hydrogeology, Geological Engineering

Position Type: Paid Internship

Hours per week:

40 to 50 hours per week.  Job starts approximately ASAP and runs until approximately September 1, 2017.  Start and stop dates, will work with student’s schedule.
Salary & Benefits: 

Wage paid of $21.00 per hour.

Benefits:  health insurance and 401K

Application Process: 


Application Deadline:  5/5/2017