Potential Metallography Lab Manager Candidate

Company Name: Metcut Research Inc.

Website: www.metcut.com
Title: Potential Metallography Lab Manager Candidate
Location: N/A
We’re currently seeking a Business and Technology leader for the Metallography Lab. As a Business Leader, we’re seeking an individual who can work with and through Metcut’s business development organization to grow the labs annual revenue from $1.2MM to $2.5MM over the next 5 to 7 years. As a Technology Leader, we’re seeking an individual who will be accountable for the building and managing customer relationships with our current customers as well as providing leadership to the Metallography and Central Coatings Lab staff. The Metallography Lab Manager will report to the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Paul Braun.
The MRI Metallography Lab today consists of four service areas, Central Coatings Lab (CCL), Failure Analysis, General Metallography, and Polymer Composite Acid Digestion. The CCL program provides companies worldwide with classroom instruction and hands-on training on the proper techniques to evaluate the quality of turbine engine coatings application. The CCL program also includes the management and execution of a round robin quality control system, and overview of vendor’s coating process control procedures. There are opportunities for growth in all four existing service areas as well as with new services.
Other MRI laboratories consist of a wide variety of commercial and internally developed servo-hydraulic and electro-mechanical test equipment to service customers with mechanical testing needs ranging from micro-specimens to large full-scale products. Typical production capacity is > 20K specimens per year. Laboratory services include support with test designs, protocols, and reporting.
In addition to the testing laboratories, overall operations include an engineering group to facilitate sales, customer contact, project updates, and data reporting. A large machining division supports specimen preparation and machining of fixtures and other required hardware.
Five core areas of competence for this position have been identified. They’re Leadership of People, Customer Relationship Management, Operational Leadership and Management and Operating Budget Planning and Management. Additional information about each area of competence follows.

Minimum Qualifications: 

We are focused on identifying a Business and Lab Leader who possesses
• 10 + years of experience in different Materials Science and Engineering roles.
• 5 + years’ experience in a microstructural lab or work environment.
• Engineering experience related to metallography testing.
• Familiarity with thermal spray coatings highly desirable.
• Demonstrated team management/leadership success.
• Experience with departmental operations, including budgets, work organization, & scheduling.
• Demonstrated experience building and managing customer and supplier relationships.
• Excellent communication skills including the ability to instruct others and develop & conduct training classes.
• Entrepreneurial spirit and a strong desire to be both the business and technical leader of the Metallography Lab.
• Passionate about quality and customer service including meeting deadlines and solving difficult technical requirements.
• Has expertise with quality improvement processes such as Kaizen or Six Sigma and their application in a lab production environment.
• Is highly proficient utilizing computer systems in a networked environment as well as expertise with Microsoft Office applications.
• MS in Materials Science & Engineering. PhD would be a plus

Desired Majors: Geological Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Mining Engineering

Position Type: Full-time Employment

Hours per week: 40+
Salary & Benefits:  N/A

Application Process: We’ve retained RCSN Executive Search, www.rcsnleaders.com, to lead and manage this project for Metcut. Mary Huelsman, Senior Search Consultant, RCSN will work with you should you decide you’re interested in being considered for the Metallography Lab Manager’s position. You should contact Mary directly at mary@rcsnleaders.com or call her at 513-513-1143.

Application Deadline: 5/31/2017