QA/QC Technician for Barrick Gold

Company Name: Barrick Gold

Location: Winnemuca, NV
Description:  The QA/QC Technician will work for Barrick Gold Corporation to ensure that the Quality Assurance and Quality Control testing conducted at Turquoise Ridge Joint Venture (TRJV) is done to the highest standard ensuring compliance with current ground control practices and that data is compiled to support continuous improvement opportunities.

Key Responsibilities:  The QA/QC Technician will complete the tasks required by the QA/QC Coordinator and Senior Support Engineer. At times the QA/QC Technician may need to assist junior engineers on temporary assignment to conduct QA/QC testing to support the geotechnical and ventilation programs at TRJV. Additional duties could include but will not be limited to heading inspections, QA/QC data collection due to unplanned events, coordinating with Batch Plants to obtain samples, clerical duties inside the engineering group, and assisting contractors while they are on site.

Minimum Qualifications: • Interest in the mining field. •Strong knowledge in mathematics, science, and/or computers.

Preferred Qualifications: • Bachelor’s degree in natural science or engineering.

Desired Majors: Geology, Geophysics, Hydrogeology, Geological Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Geography

International Students?: No
Position Type: Full-time,
Temporary Employment
Hours per week: 40
Salary & Benefits: Commensurate with experience

Application Process: Send your resume and cover letter addressed to Mr. Kenneth Kins to

Additional Details: Geology graduates participating in Field Camp are eligible to apply.

This full-time temporary position is a great way to get experience in the mining industry. At this time the position will be a temporary position for a minimum of three months to six months (end of year).

This position will be a chance for a young professional to get in the mining industry and an opportunity for us to evaluate their potential. This position will be a full-time position in 2019. The young professional will have an opportunity to advance to an engineering or geology position if they prove themselves.

Application Deadline: Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis, with the final deadline of July 6, 2018.
Timestamp: May 20, 2018