Surveyor/Entry Level Mine Engineer – Pray & Company

Company Name: Pray & Company
Company Website:
Title: Surveyor/Entry Level Mine Engineer
Location: Nevada

Description: Surveyor/Entry Level Engineer


The Surveyor will operate, monitor, collect and record data from technologies including GPS equipment, total station systems (laser/prism systems), and other surveying controls. This role woks with the lead surveyor and reports to the Chief Engineer. The surveyor will create as-built topo maps, collect and report data for mine modeling, controlling ore and waste, and measuring contractor production. The Surveyor will provide the survey team support and performance in a full spectrum of mine-site surveying duties including:

• Conducts initial surveys, risk assessments and environmental impact assessments of mine site
• Sets out blast pattern layout and stakes out ore control layout and dig plans
• Sets up and monitors mine coordinate systems – GPS
• Sets up, control and collect data from conventional total stations, and establish control points for laser levels
• Using Auto-CAD and other software, creates maps and plans of open pit mine in real time
• Measures and records data for use in block models
• Ensures accurate data records are maintained for use in mine planning, to include buildings and structures
• Measures areas and volumes of blasted materials and helps calculate contractual production
• May assist in taking samples to determine feasibility and reports on findings
• Works with environmental department to support predictive environmental effects and impacts of operations on air and ground disturbance
• Helps ensure compliance with all company policies and procedures including, but not limited to safety, environmental, confidentiality and code of conduct

Minimum Qualifications:

Qualifications and requirements:

• Degree in engineering, geology, mining or related field, or an equivalent combination of experience and education
• Strong background with GPS, modern survey methods, and CAD software packages
• Effective analytical and communication skills, and advanced math including trigonometry
• Experience in GPS, Total Station systems, laser scanners, airborne surveying techniques, and machine guidance systems
• Experience using drone technology in mine mapping a plus
• 3D Software for mine modeling is a plus
• Must be able to complete and maintain MSHA certification
• Ability to occasionally to walk on uneven outdoor terrain, lift and carry up to 50 lbs, in varying climates and altitudes

Desired Majors: Geological Engineering, Mining Engineering

Position Type: Full time
Hours per week: 40+

Salary & Benefits: Benefits from day one of new hire.

Application Process: Contact DeDe Barker at 775-934-6054 or

Application Deadline: 5/31/2019