Analyst, Commercial & Business – Nevada Copper

Company: Nevada Copper
Company Website:
Title: Analyst, Commercial & Business
Location: Nevada Copper, Yerington, NV

Description: Incumbent in this position will have a background in Mining Engineering or Geology,
focusing on project-based data analysis, performance monitoring, model development,
risk management, and continuous improvement by working closely with the Senior
Leadership Team, operational leaders across the organization, including key support
departments, to ensure integration of activities and analysis efforts in order to advance
the strategic plan and operational priorities.


Projects and Operations Support:
 Collect and analyze data to inform decision making, and to
provide support to the CCO and various departments such as
Technical Services, Supply Chain, Operations, and Human
 Develop models to allow understanding and monitoring of
business performance in a range of areas.
 Comparative analysis to identify opportunities for improvement
to organizational process and procedures
 Support the CCO in materials and plans required to manage
significant or crisis events.
 Assist with developing Powerpoint presentations to support CCO
in presenting data and information to board and executive
management team
 Support the development of tools and models for risk management. Work as an integral part of the risk management
system for a mining company
2 Health and Safety:
 Ensure all safety procedures and regulatory guidelines are followed
at all times.
 Participate in health and safety meetings and risk reviews as

The incumbent must have proficient knowledge in the following areas:
 Background and education in mining, engineering, geology, or a related field
 Entrepreneurial, creative, enthusiastic
 Strong Excel skills
 Proficient experience with PowerPoint
 Strong business and system analytical skills – ability to analyze and interpret
data effectively from multiple sources (databases, documents, etc.)
 SAP experience strongly preferred
 Proven track record of innovative thinking

The incumbent must demonstrate the following skills:
 Ability to facilitate collaboration and interaction with individuals and groups
including contractor, supplier and vendor partners
 Excellent oral and written communication skills and active listening skills
 Effective analytical skills
 Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work with all levels of internal employees
and external stakeholders
 Highly effective organizational skills
 Ability to communicate effectively in one-on-one, small and large group settings
 Ability to take initiative and work independently in a results-oriented environment”

Desired Majors: Mining engineering, Geology

Position type: Full time
Hours per week: 40

Additional Information: Physical and Mental Demands and Requirements:
The Analyst, Business & Commercial, will work primarily in an office environment with
periodic work in the field environment. The incumbent must be able to:

 Lift and carry up to 50 lbs. in weight.
 Legally operate a vehicle typically requiring a Class 4 and/or 5 licenses.
 Periodically work in environmental extremes (i.e. hot or cold weather).
 Sit for extended periods of time.
 Stay alert during periods of inactivity.
 Walk on uneven ground.

Work Schedule and Personal Protective Equipment:
The incumbent works a 40 hour/week schedule, primarily from Monday through Friday.
Personal Protective Equipment required for the field work portion of this position
includes, but is not limited to, hard hat, safety glasses, hearing protection, and steel-toed
boots. All equipment must be MSHA approved as applicable.

Application Process: To apply, go to

Application Deadline: Until position is filled