GMP Water Manager/Water Commissioner-State of Nevada Division of Water Resources

Company Name: State of Nevada Division of Water Resources
Company Website:
Title: GMP Water Manager/ Water Commissioner
Location: Eureka, NV
Description: Under direction of the State Engineer, the Water Manager shall manage the implementation of the Diamond Valley Groundwater Management Plan (GMP) which intends to bring stabilization and sustainable water use to the groundwater resource in Diamond Valley, Basin 153. This position has the overall responsibility for protection, preservation, implementation and management of the GMP and related work as required.

Primary Requirements:
The GMP Water Manager will actively manage the GMP as follows:
*Manage water use according to the GMP and under the direction of State Engineer; Respond to complaints associated with water use (and alleged misuse) in Diamond Valley. This involves working in the field and requires knowledge of individual water rights, Nevada Water Law, water uses, administrative rules and agency policies. If violations are observed, documentation is prepared to begin administrative or judicial action. The GMP Water Manager may be required to testify accurately to the facts during associated hearings.

*Collect, compile, analyze and interpret hydrologic data. This includes but is not limited to taking flow measurements with complex instruments, troubleshooting, ensuring water meter accuracy, measuring water levels in wells, and performing hydrologic analysis on data collected.

*Prepare budgets and track expenses for the State Engineer under the GMP, including any grant funding received, including preparation of vouchers and invoices to the appropriate entity for payment of invoices received or service rendered.

*Develop, promote, and implement water management programs to assist in the restoration, conservation, and protection of groundwater in Diamond Valley in order to ensure the long-term sustainability of the water resource.
Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Hydrology, Civil Engineering, Geology, Natural Resource Management or equivalent, AND
Three years of professionally verified experience including water flow measurement, collecting, and reporting hydrologic data. Knowledge of Nevada Water Law, hydrologic groundwater flow systems, pumping and irrigation systems. OR an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Desired Attributes:
Excellent customer service skills;
Excellent communication skills;
Dispute resolution skills;
Experience working with land owners to gain compliance;
Experience developing and presenting budget proposals and tracking and reporting budget expenditures; In-depth knowledge of Nevada Water Law, water rights and Nevada Administrative rules related to water; Experience with computers and computer software, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
Job type: Full-Time, 40 hrs weekly
Application Process: To Apply: All interested applicants must submit a letter of application and a resume to the attention of:

Adam Sullivan
Nevada Division of Water Resources
901 South Stewart Street, Suite 2002
Carson City, NV 89703
(775) 684-2861

Please indicate how you heard of this position. If you learned of this announcement through a website, please indicate which website.
Application Deadline: 7/1/2019