Data Scientist-The Spokane Mining Research Division

Company Name: The Spoke Mining Research Division
Job Title: Data Scientist
Job Location: Spokane, WA

Description: The Spokane Mining Research Division (SMRD) is looking for a Data Scientist that will bring expertise in data analytics and data visualization.

The Data Scientist will be expected to participate in research leading to sound recommendations and strategies for developing practices that will improve the health and safety of the mining workforce through advanced methods of mine safety and operational data processing. Real-time data analytics for improved risk assessment and decision making will be an integral part of many of the current and future research projects at SMRD.

He/she will serve as a task leader on a multi-year project that is developing a real-time informatics system for ground stability in underground mines. As automated mining systems and equipment become more prevalent in U.S. mining operations, there is a need for improved remote data collection, analysis, and data visualization for risk assessment as less “eyes and ears” will be in mining areas where ground conditions are normally assessed by miners.

He/she will also be responsible for developing text mining and analytic techniques for determining root causes of incidents and near-misses in mining accident and health data. This will help guide future research priorities as the research portfolio at SMRD expands to meet long term goals.

In addition, the Data Scientist will be involved in data collection and analysis techniques involving machine learning to monitor safety and operational parameters of mining machines – with conveyor systems being the first focus area. The goal is to improve maintenance planning and situational awareness to decrease injuries involving conveyors in mining.

For all these efforts, the Data Scientist will aid in the design of research studies; devise and create data-gathering instruments; collect, manage, and analyze data; and give presentations and publish documents to relay findings.

The Data Scientist will work on several projects at SMRD. For all projects, the project work will be assigned in general terms and the Data Scientist will be responsible for working with a multidisciplinary team in planning and implementing original research. Considerable independence is required to define the most promising areas of research within the overall project definition. The Data Scientist will be expected to take the lead with minimal supervision to conduct project-related research tasks, develop hypotheses, formulate concepts, carry out investigations and analyses, and interpret results.

As a high level researcher, the Data Scientist will be responsible for the design of research activities, analysis of data and interpretation of the findings. He/she will be responsible for producing data in a logical and timely manner that is then incorporated into research papers and the findings will be disseminated through a broad range of technology transfer vehicles including peer-reviewed and trade journal articles and presentations at professional conferences.

Application Process: Resumes should be sent to Ebrahim Karimi Tarshizi,

Application Deadline: Until position filled